Why Build Your Website On WordPress?

Whether you are just setting up your new business or trying to boost your online presence, the WordPress platform can be a good choice for your needs. This is a popular publishing platform for the creation of blogs and websites. You can get a highly customizable user interface that is used for website creation by many big names such as Ford, People Magazine, New York Times Blogs, PlayStation and even CNN. The following reasons explain why you should create your website on WordPress.

Stable platform

The stability of the platform is inarguable, and it is not going anywhere in a while. Its ease-of-use has often been praised by web developers, web designers and even ordinary users. It is constantly getting popular and the growth pace of the WordPress platform is constantly speeding up. This was felt when the user share of WordPress jumped to 14.7% from 8.5% in just 1 year in 2011. It powers a strong percentage of the total number of websites on the internet.

Full-fledged CMS suite

WordPress is not only a blogging platform. In the last few years, the platform has gone beyond that and turned into a comprehensive Content Management Suite that can power various types of websites, such as classified ad sites, job boards, forums, business websites etc.

Affordable solution

Developing a custom CMS involves a lot of expense, but you can avoid this with WordPress. The platform is free to use and can easily be customized, and you do not have to reinvent anything. The WP plugins, similar to the WordPress platform, usually comes for free. The plugins come at no cost and are also open source in form. You can edit the platform similar to WordPress.


This is a fully open source platform, and the source code that is used for operating WP is freely available for the public to see. Any person who is using WP can modify the code if they need, and also customize the platform further as per their requirements. This is often unnecessary, given that the themes or templates and plugins for WordPress are also open source.

Cheap Premium themes

WordPress gets its design from the themes that it comes with, and its design connects the end user to the CMS. The platform is highly adaptable and flexible. With premium themes that come in as low as about $50 70, you can get a real deal! There is almost no need for customization!